the Team


We are Betül, Markus and Claudi (from left to right) and are the founding mothers and father of the "Three Musketeers Reutlingen e.V."

Already after our first aid missions to Turkey and along the Balkan route, it was clear to us that we had to find a way to support long-term and dignified people who have to escape from war and terror, apart from direct emergency relief on the spot.

Our special attention, we wanted to give to the many single women and their children. For them, it is particularly difficult to design a new, independent life in safety and dignity, alone and without the protection of the family.

BOUNDLESS was born. The idea behind it is relatively simple. Through the production and sale of handmade bags, backpacks and accessories, combined with traditional printing techniques from lime wood stamps, we want to give these women a perspective and thus give them the opportunity to a new life.