What we stand for

Because it is important for us

Many of the escaped women lost their husbands during the war and now live alone, often with several children and without protection of the family. For these women, it is extremely difficult to shape their lives. Many are therefore looking for their happiness in the urban environment of the big cities. But here, too, everyday life is very difficult. No way to work and overpriced rents, for terrible accommodations, make many of the women inevitably driven into prostitution.

Women who can find work usually have to leave their children at home unattended for 12 hours or longer, alone and often without eating or drinking.

We want to help these women and children.

When developing our products, it is very important to us that we focus on sustainable materials. For example, we completely forgo plastic and use only natural materials such as cotton, linen or leather.

The proceeds of our products move a 100% back into our humanitarian projects. We promise!

"Our primary goal is to provide these women with a long-term perspective and help them shape their lives independently and in dignity."